Funny Status for WhatsApp to Make You Laugh

In this Sad World, Everyone wants to live with Fun. We Updated Funny Status Messages for your WhatsApp Status. So Therefore We Are Coming with Funny Status for Whatsapp.

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  1. I want to lose weight, But I hate Weight.
  2. My Best Wishes to Mute Peoples in The Real Life.
  3. I don’t go looking for Trouble, Trouble Usually Finds Me.
  4. Take My Advice, I Don’t Use it Any Any Way.
  5. I’m too lazy that To Stop Being Lazy.
  6. Never Laugh at your Choices, But Your Wife is One of Best Choices.
  7. I am so Poor That So I Can’t Pay Attention.
  8. I am not lazy I am relaxed.
  9. I am not lazy, I am on energy saving Mood.
  10. Hey, I Shall be Back in Just 5 Minutes, If I’m Not, Again Read This Messages. Funny Status for Whatsapp.
  11. I Just Asked my Husband, If he remembers what is Today..Scaring men is easy.
  12. Never Trust a Dog to Watch Your Food.
  13. I Would Call My Fashion Style, Clothes that Still Fit.
  14. I’m so Tired that Tired is Tired.
  15. I’m on whisky Diet, .. I have already lost 4 Days.
  16. Be Smart than your Smart Phones.
  17. I am not perfect, I am in Limited Edition.
  18. Hey There! WhatsApp is Using me Day and Night.
  19. My Govt Job is Secure, No One Else Want it.
  20. Time Flies like an Arrow and words of My Tongue.
  21. There is No ‘I’ In My Life.
  22. I Don’t want about Terrorism, I have already Married.
  23. I have 4 Kids and No Money, Why I have No Kids and 4 Money.
  24. I Miss You Like An Idiot misses the point.
  25. Behind Every Angry Woman is a man who has no absolutely Idea.