WhatsApp Dark Theme is out for Beta Users

At Last, WhatsApp Announced that They are introducing Dark Theme for WhatsApp Beta users. WhatsApp New Beta Versions is 2.20.13. We are hearing this Feature a lot but WhatsApp dark theme is in Market.

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However, Now, WhatsApp Darks-themes is out of House but this Beta Version may have some bug.

WhatsApp Dark Theme Mode can be enabled via WhatsApp Settings.

WhatsApp Dark Theme is out for Beta UsersGoing into the Theme Options to select from including set by Battery Savor light and Dark.

whatssapp theme beta mode beta versions

Selecting the Set the Battery Saver Option will automatically switch the App between dark and light mode’s themes depending on the Battery Saver Options.

WhatsApp also releasing other Features very soon and one of them includes Animated stickers Features Option in WhatsApp Status.

WhatsApp demanding Features by Its Users that They Renamed Disappeared Messages with deleted Messages.

The Disappeared Messages or Deleted Messages in WhatsApp was first said to be available for both private and Personal Users.

It will not only be available for WhatsApp Group Chats and only available to WhatsApp Group Admin.

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